Commission Bullseye Review

Commission Bullseye Review – GET MASSIVE $35,000 BONUS PACKAGE NOW!

Commission Bullseye is the new WP Plugin which helps to regular normal traffic into the extraordinary and display different, more targeted content according to the visitors’ location.

You can take advantage of this WP Plugin to get double your commissions without increasing traffic through:

• Full control of your blog content, ads and opt-in forms
• Use multiple Amazon accounts on your blog at once
• Make more money with Shopify, CPA offers, JVZoo, Clickbank & More…
• More profit for every click
• Automatic set up wizard for easy application on your entire site

Commission Bullseye’s Key Features:

You can get plenty of extraordinary benefit from this WP Plugin including:

Take Advantage Of GEO Specific Events

Targeting specific ads to certain events also is the great opportunity to boost sales. Run one, highly targeted campaign to a country without having to sacrifice sales to people where that ad would be totally irrelevant.

Local Holidays & Celebrations: The week before St. Patrick’s Day, a clothing store perhaps promote its green colored or festive attire.

Weather Conditions: A hardware store may target consumers with content promoting snow shovels or snow blowers.

Even MORE Localisation: Even if you are getting a ton of traffic from one country, you can clean up big-time, by doing hyper targeting within the regions, or even cities.

You are able to make the offers relevant to them based on local events that are happening at the time or tweaking it to reflect some of the languages that are specific to that region too.

Control How They Are Displayed

Make sales becomes a LOT easier when the sales message lines up with what people want to buy, in a way that makes sense to them.

Popups or Slide In’s:

  • Full Page or Smaller Popups
  • Slide In (Up, Down, Left Or Right)
  • Header Attention Bars
  • Many Effects To Choose From:
  • Fade in, Newspaper, Slide, Scale-In, Sidefall, Blur, Flip, Door, Push, Sign, Rotate, Slip, Corner, Scale, Swell, Rotate Down, Flash and more.

Inline Content: Insert geo targeted content directly on your posts. Or you can place Amazon ads automatically on your posts, banners or text messages. Then display it on your posts you want or hide from the others.

Or Use Shortcodes: When creating the campaign, you will be offered an easy to use the shortcode. These shortcodes work anywhere on your blog, in posts, pages or widgets.

Control What Will Be Shown

You can upload and display images, add automatically curated Amazon ads in any country you want or let your imagination run wild with the easy-to-use WYSIWIG editor and HTML builder feature inside the software.

Amazon Ads: Choose the country where is more relevant to your visitors to promote Amazon Ads. It is easy for you to select the keyword, Geo location, and ad position.

Anything Else Ads: Additionally, you can create several other ads such as video content, segmented lead gen or optin forms, headlines or even one word targeted key phrases, unique dynamic affiliate promos. Or you can see even entire articles that will only show to people you choose.

Image or Banner Ads: Upload banners and add a hyperlink and then choose the place they will go on click. You can show different or the same images as you want and just send them to alternate landing pages.

Or use the Inbuilt Shortcodes For Country, IP address, City, State, Post Code or Currency.

How Does Commission Bullseye Work?

A quick glance on video below to discover more about Commission Bullseye WP Plugin:

Check-Out His Powerful Video Demo That Show-Cases ALL That It Does.

Here are some proofs to show that Commission Bullseye is different from the other WP Plugin:

Cheaper Shipping: Amazon makes their customers satisfy thanks to their guaranteed lower prices. But if the offers aren’t relevant to your customer and they’re forced to pay higher shipping fees, it undoes the biggest benefits people see from Amazon.

Adding this plugin to your site will allow you to sell directly to them at a price that beats other competitors.

Many Countries Supported: You can connect several countries with more coming as Amazon releases API support. Those countries include United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Spain, Germany, China, Italy, Japan, and India.

Sell To MORE Amazon Affiliate Countries: You can use this Commission Bullseye to display ads to those who can buy by connecting Amazon accounts in any of these countries.

As you know, limiting yourself to selling products from ONE Amazon country is costing you a LOT of money. But with Commission Bullseye, you now can capture the attention of the traffic who aren’t based in the US, with ads from their country in their language currency.

Next Level Facebook, Twitter and AdWords Ads: This software allows you to add a new level of targeting, turning a single “regular’ ad into limitless possibilities. Or you can make your single ad go a WHOLE lot further. Simply create a regular Facebook ad and when your audience lands on the page, add  send it to your page, you are able to turn that one ad into multiple highly targeted campaigns.

And SO MUCH More…

You don’t even need to use this for geo targeted ads. Simply select “All Locations” and use Commission Bullseye to create popups, in-line ads, Amazon campaigns or add header/footer bars, banner ads or add in content – to display on whichever pages you choose… This is the easiest way for you to control ads, geo on your site.

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