Covert Gawkr Review

Covert Gawkr Review – Get Massive $15K BONUS…[FREE] Covert Gawkr Bonus

What is Covert Gawkr:

Covert Gawkr is a brand new wp theme that can be able to to build a profit pulling authority site in minutes, without writing a single word.

  • Create as many high powered, profit pulling authority sites as you like… Today and from this page only, you get an unlimited site licensefor Covert Gawkr!
  • Never write a single blog post! You will have the time to build a lot of sites since you can populate them with great curated content with just a few clicks!
  • Have real members build your sites for you! As your Gawkr sites grow they will attract members who will naturally start curating and adding content to your sites. Your sites,

Covert Gawkr’s Key Features:

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  • 100% Responsive: the Covert Gawkr theme is fully responsive and will always look and work great, regardless of whether your visitors are using a phone, tablet of PC!
  • Automatic List Builder: when new members join your Gawkr sites they will automatically be added to your autoreponder of choice, so you can market to them over and over again!
  • Step-By-Step Tutorials: as usual we have created a super easy step by step setup wizard for the theme along with detailed mini-tutorial videos right where you need them when you need them!
  • Free Social Media Traffic: the Covert Gawkr theme has been designed to be a viral traffic magnet. The Facebook comments and many other features are sure to grow your traffic on auto pilot!
  • Full Flexibility: the theme builds more than authority sites… without any modification it’s also perfect for affiliate sites, portal sites for your other blogs, products etc.
  • Easy Customisation: the Covert Gawkr theme looks great out of the box, but with our step-by-step wizard it extremely easy to modify it to look exactly how you like it!
  • Great Support: as always you will get all the support you need and also free access to all future updates to the theme!
  • Fully Monetized: the Covert Gawkr theme has several inbuilt advertising spots you can use to promote anything you want, including banners, Amazon ads and Adsense.

Why You Should Buy It?

  • Super flexible

Covert Gawkr can be used for a variety of sites including affiliate sites, authority sites and portal sites for your blog. You have the full control over your sites, and you can develop them effortlessly with the content provided from your members and subscribers. Free yourself from all the hard works and just let Covert Gawkr get everything perfectly done for you.

  • Highly customizable

Covert Gawkr offers the themes that give you the ability to edit and make them as unique as you want. Simply customize every aspect of it just the way you want until you feel satisfied. Covert Gawkr not only provides the high-performance features for your sites but also gives them the most attractive look to drive as much traffic as you want.

  • Unlimited free traffic

As repeated in my Covert Gawkr Review, you won’t have to pay a single nickel for your traffic. Simply let your sites automatically build you list and bring traffic to you. Once you create you site using Covert Gawkr, you will be stunned by how much traffic it can drive to you in just a few hours.

How does it work?

To put it simply, Covert Gawkr works in 3 steps.

  • Step#1: Create the authority site
  • Step#2: Get content from member contribution
  • Step#3: Build your list automatically and enjoy the traffic

Price and How to buy it?

Covert Gawkr is now being charged at the front-end $17, but its price will increase significantly after its launch. This is the best deal you ever find in today’s market, but it will not last for good. My Review strongly urges you to take fast action now.


There are much more benefits that you can enjoy while using this amazing software that my Covert Gawkr Review may not have enough space to cover. It is truly a comprehensive tool that any web developer or marketer can use to boost the traffic. Thank you for reading my review, hope it works for you.

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