PayDrill review

PayDrill Review 2017 – GET WOW $25K BONUS NOW!..[45% Discount] PayDrill Bonus

What Is PayDrill?

PayDrill is software that everyone who buys so sells online needs. It is considered as a smarter-faster and better solution for everyone.

As you know, using PayPal is not often pleased. These things include finding transactions, coming reports out and refunds. They take a lot of time of the users.

On the other hand, PayDrill solves a big problem. It gives you blazing quickly access to all of your transactions. It instantly finds any transaction and customer by names and sees key metrics about the online business of yours as:

  • Most refunded product
  • PayPalfees paid out
  • Average value per customer
  • Peak order time
  • Who are your most loyal customers (repeat buyers)

PayDrill 2017 Info

  • Maker: Ankur Shukla
  • Product: PayDrill 2017 Edition
  • Launch Date: 2017-Feb-01
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Sales PageClick here
  • Niche: Software



On this dashboard you’ll find key metrics about your business like…

  • Your Total Sales so far and your NET sales in your business.
  • Transaction Fees or any other fees you’ve paid for all the sales.
  • See Stats about your Refunds & Chargebacks instantly.

You’ll also see instantly everything important about your Products…

  • Your Bestselling Products & Services.
  • Your Least Performing Products
  • Revenue & Sales from Each Product
  • Total Products & How Many Get Sold…

Next, you’ll see KEY METRICS that can help you take things to the next level…

  • See how many total customers you have.
  • How many of them are REPEAT customers.
  • Your VALUE PER CUSTOMER (super important)
  • What time do most of your orders/sales come in (peak order time)
  • How often do you get sales/orders (order frequency)
  • Your Withdrawals & Payment Sent
  • Countries you do business with (where you sell the least & the most



On This Dashboard You’ll See…

  • Detailed Analysis & Tracking of up to 5000 transactions.
  • See Transactions Today, This Month & Total transactions.
  • Filter Transactions, Multiple Parameters and Currencies
  • Dynamic Real Time Instant Search shows results immediately – no waiting
  • Instantly View Transaction Details next to each transaction
  • Hotlinks in Transaction Details make searching super easy.
  • Issue a Refund In 2-Clicks (no more tedious process)
  • Mark Order as Shipped & Print Shipping Labels in 1 Click
  • Just 1-CLICK to Download Paypal Transactions
  • View Related Transactions instantly (for refunds, disputes, chargebacks)
  • Filter Transactions and Download Custom Transactions Export



On This Dashboard You’ll…

  • Easily manage and track your PayPal sales
  • Real-time search & filters for all sales using the transaction status, date etc
  • The Trends Chart in the dashboard shows Sales trends over a period of time.
  • Highlights show sales, average revenue per sale, refunds etc.
  • View your Sales transactions in a neat grid, instantly view 200+ sales.
  • Filter & Search through sales data instantly, no waiting.
  • Instantly view details for each sale in the same view, no hopping around.
  • View Sale Details – name, quantity, amount, tax and total for every sale.
  • Related Transactions for every sale in case of refund/disputes/chargebacks.
  • Export PayPal sales, all or a part of it.
  • Generate Monthly Profit & Sales Report for sales through PayPal
  • Track total sales through PayPal
  • Download Sales report in CSV instantly, without waiting.
  • Freedom to do a lot of slicing & dicing with the data to analyze your sales.



On This Dashboard You’ll See…

  • Track all your purchases & payments in one place.
  • Cancel subscriptions in 1-Click
  • Spot unauthorised transactions immediately.
  • Smart Trend Charts show you graph of your payments
  • Highlights give you intelligent info about your payments.
  • Immediately see All Details about a payment.
  • Filter & Sort payments in 1-CLICK
  • Dynamic Search lets you immediately find payments.
  • Monitor payments & file a dispute if the product/ service has not been received

Check-Out His Powerful Video Demo That Show-Cases ALL That It Does.

How to use the PayDrill

Everything is shown on your desktop. You just have to log in to PayPal one for the first time of using. From the next time, you don’t have to login it again. As everything is available, you just need to send money or refunds right form the software. Then you just need to get access to all your important data right on your desktop. It sounds so simple, right?

Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3…

It takes less than 2 minutes to get started, once you download PayDrill, all you have to do is…

  • Step 1 – Activate PayDrill with your License Key..
  • Step 2 – Connect it to your Paypal account & download data.
  • Step 3 – You’re DONE – PayDrill is ready show a whole new world.

PayDrill uses a fully secure Paypal API to connect to your Paypal account and it downloads all your transaction history and data metrics to show you amazing data points about your online business that you’ll never see inside Paypal.

Next Step?

Just LAUNCH PAYDRILL from your computer and you’ll get access to many DASHBOARDS – each showing various important things about your business.

What can you get from PayDrill?

  • PayDrill will leave you a summary dashboard. This allows you to get a holistic overview of your business with important metrics. The importance of metrics I think all of the users can have known it clearly now.
  • Transactions Dashboard to find any PayPaltransaction instantly. This must be a wonderful function, right? You can save a lot of valuable time from this instead of finding the PayPaltransaction you need by your hand anymore.
  • Sales Dashboard shows details of all your sales. This let you easily organize all of your activities on Paypal. You don’t have to check it little by little. Sales Dashboard will quickly update the latest information. You can check it whenever you want.
  • Payments Dashboard shows you outgoing payments and important metrics about it. This function is also really helpful. And I believe that you will use this function frequently in your works.
  • PayDrill also shows the transaction history on the desktop, so you can see it always in just second with one click.

This software is a must-have one for EVERY PAYPALUSER! If you have not set up it, your PayPalaccount will be not as powerful as it can be. It is the super easy way to manage your business. Download for trying it up now!

We’re Constantly Updating & Adding New Stuff. Here are the New Features Added to PayDrill 2017 Edition over the last few months

  • 2017 Update – Brand New Summary Dashboard with 200% More Data & Metrics.
  • 2017 Update – View Customer Email Addresses by Default in Every Dashboard.
  • 2017 Update – See Account Balance in Multiple Currencies
  • 2017 Update – Add Tags for Identification and Faster Searching across Transactions.
  • 2017 Update – Instantly Download PDF Invoices for Every Sale that you make.
  • 2017 Update – Add Tracking Numbers for Ebay & Physical Product Sales.
  • 2017 Update – Support for 40 Timezones for Accurate Data Analytics and Reports.
  • 2017 Update – Auto Refresh All Dashboards with New Data Instantly.
  • 2017 Update – Floating Alerts & Notifications for New Transactions, Balance etc.
  • 2017 Update – Faster, more efficient Database Engine.
  • 2017 Update – Exciting new interface, metro layout and elegant design.
  • 2017 Update – OTA updates.



Strengths of PayDrill

  • Never Seen Before UNIQUE Software. This is the first time of PayDrill’s appearance. The benefits of the unique software are cannot be denied. PayDrill’s appearance must become the new and effective trends for the transaction.
  • Every PayPalUser Needs This. Why can I say so? This could be because if the PayPalusers have no PayDrill, their business’s transactions activities may still be so artisan.
  • Detailed INTELLIGENT Analytics about your PayPal account. PayDrill is the strong right hand of PayPal. It always gives the most intelligent analytics for your PayPal account. This let you know the state of your own activities and you can control all of them.
  • Get KEY METRICS about your biz that PayPal does not show you. This is the limitation of PayPal account. But now, every PayPal User can get Key metrics if they have set up PayDrill software.
  • Sales Copy by a 6-Figure Copywriter. Anyone who used PayPal accounts must know this function of PayPal. However, this function is more updated in the PayDrill software. When you employ it, you will experience the difference.
  • Over $10,000 in PRIZES to Win. The PayDrill is going to often have the prizes for the users. You can get them if you can meet some standards or even if you are the lucky one.
  • Guaranteed High Conversions! Because of the high quality, PayDrill commits to refunding you 100% the number of money you will have paid for this software if it cannot make you satisfied.

For these strengths, there must be no reason why you don’t download PayDrill software for your PayPal account now.

This is Perfect for Vendors Selling via PayPal…

  • Instantly see Account Balance, Income & Sales Summary.
  • See Metrics like Average Customer Value, Repeat Customers, Peak Order Time & Order Frequency that Paypal does not show you.
  • Keep a Track of your Sales, Fees, Refunds & Chargebacks.
  • Track Product Sales, Performance, Revenue & Payments
  • Instantly See What Countries you do business with & what sells where the most.
  • Take decisions about scaling products, sales campaigns or killing them based on metrics you see.
  • FIND Transactions in 1-SECOND, no more waiting or not finding results.
  • Perfect for Ecommerce Store Vendors to track sales.
  • Optimize your funnels and product offers based on DATA and not guesswork.
  • Find the right pricing to maximize profits & returns.
  • Membership Sites can track lifetime value of customers and see drop rate of members, run campaigns at the right time to reduce churn.
  • Maximize ROI by taking decisions based on intelligent data (like Fortune 500 companies do)


Front – end Price: $47

Just about less than $50 for the excellent product. For most of us, this is the so cheap price. This is so much cheaper in your mind if you compare to what you can get from PayDrill.




Click Here For More Detail

1.Front End: PayDrill

Using Paypal is painful. Things like finding transactions, generating reports and refunds takes a lot of time.

NOT ANYMORE. Paydrill solves a huge problem. Gives you blazing FAST access to all your transactions. Instantly find any transaction, customer by name and see KEY METRICS about your online business like:

-Avg value per customer

-Peak order time

–Most refunded product

-Paypal fees paid out

-Who are your most loyal customers (repeat buyers)

2.OTO 1:PayDrill PRO

The PRO gives access to a lot more data (upto 20,000 transactions) and important insights like the…

-CustomersDashboard lets you find any customer & transactions instantly, literally 1 second.

-Products Dashboard shows you analytics about product sales & their pattern, fees, refunds and other key data for your sales.

-Advanced Search finds anything in your paypal account quickly.

-Reporting Dashboard exports Paypal reports in 1-click, without waiting.

3.OTO 2: PayDrill Enterprise

The Enterprise upgrade to PayDrill lets you connect upto 5 Paypal Accounts to the software.

Use for a single business or multiple businesses you have, you can see all your data in the same software. Data Archival to save older data and retrieve it only when required. Access Control to setup multiple users and add restrictions to their usage.

View Data for upto 50,000 transactions at once.

4. OTO 3: PayDrill Reseller

There are over 130 MILLION Paypal users in the world and everyone needs this.

Cash in on this huge market by getting reseller rights to Paydrill.

Now you can SELL our licenses and keep all the profit for yourself! Get access to our RESELLER PANEL and generate licenses instantly, anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What type of Paypal account do I need for this?

You need to have a PayPal Premier or Business account. Thats when Paypal gives you the API access which Paydrill uses to fetch your transactions. The good thing is, upgrading your account to a premier or business one is just 2 clicks of work!

2.How many transactions will this track and analyze for me?

PayDrill will track and analyze the latest 5000 transactions in the regular version and if you have a business that does more volume, you will get a chance to upgrade to our PRO version on the next page after your purchase here.

3.Where and how do I start with PayDrill?

Follow the page link that will get you started with PayDrill in under 5 minutes:-

4.How do I connect PayDrill to PayPal?

Here, is a page that explains everything about connecting PayDrill to PayPal:-

5.How secure is PayDrill?

At PayDrill, we take data security and privacy very seriously. PayDrill talks directly to PayPal. We take all the necessary security measures like communicating with PayPal over secure protocols (HTTPS/ Secure SSL) and encrypting your data before saving it on your computer, where we use AES 256 Military Grade encryption techniques to safeguard your data. We made the encryption keys 100% unique, thus ruling out the chance of anything being able to view your data, but the PayDrill application running on your computer.

6.What information is stored on the PayDrill servers?

We only store the software license info on our servers which is checked every once in a while. Other than that all data related to your transactions and Paypal is stored on your computer and nowhere else.

7.How many Paypal accounts can I connect?

In this version, you can connect one Paypal account, you will later be offered a Business Edition that can connect upto 5 accounts.

8.How long does PayDrill take to download/synchronize the data from PayPal?

This entirely depends on how many transactions are being downloaded and upto which date have you configured PayDrill to download transactions. Default is 1 month of data, but you ask PayDrill to go back and fetch data for upto 5 years! With a good internet connection, PayDrill does anywhere between 1600 – 2000 transactions/hour.

9.How do I check if I have the latest data?

PayDrill automatically connects to your PayPal account and pulls in fresh data when you start the application. It also does so every few minutes (which is configurable) while you are working on PayDrill.

10.How to Send Money to someone using PayDrill?

Click on the ‘Send Money’ button, enter amount and email address to which you wish to send money. Note, that you need to have Mass Payments enabled in your PayPal account to use this feature.

11.Can I stop data download?

Yes, Just go to the Settings Dashboard -> API tab and hit the Stop Sync button.

12.Can you change the data download date once configured?

Yes you can! Once the existing data download/sync completes, go to Settings Dashboard -> API tab and hit the ‘Edit Date’ button. Select any date in the past (upto 5 years) and that will kickstart PayDrill to fetch data upto the selected date.

13.Does this work OFFLINE? Do I need to be connected to internet at all times?

All the data that’s already synchronized can be accessed anytime, anywhere even without a working internet connect. You’d only need that if you want to see the latest data.

14.How many computers can I run this software on?

With a single license, you can run the software on one computer or laptop.

Paydrill – Conclusion

A lot of information about the PayDrill has been mentioned above. I have a PayPal account and I think that it is the best transaction way until the PayDrill software’s appearance. The PayPal account will be much better if the PayDrill is installed inside PayPal account. And PayDrill is certainly important for any PayPal users. Download it for new experience now.

That is all about my PayDrill Review. I hope that the information you have read will be useful for you.

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