Serplify Review

Serplify Review – Get $12k Bonus [JUST ARRIVED] Serplify Bonus

What is Serplify?

Serplify is a solution for websites which can automatically create optimized solo structured websites with the use of newest SEO techniques available. Then the software will help users to push the websites to rank on top of the Google SERPs. Some management features are provided in Front-end product to help user to bill, display, control traffic and get payments.

So for short, it takes care the entire process of building and ranking websites on top 1 of local search results with specific keywords. The only thing you need to do is spending a few minutes to set it up. Google loves a website with good content and clear location on all of its pages.

So if you are owning a business, Serplify will help boosting your profit to its maximum. And for website service supplier, this is the only tool you need to best save your time to build and rank clients’ websites.

Main Features:

This Serplify review will mainly focus on major features of it.

Serplify can create a website on autopilot which contains all basic pages and also the silo structure that Google likes. The system can be applied to any niches on the market. So this software is an effective time saver for your work.

Serplify will optimize your website to rank on top 5 or higher position of Google results with your specific keyword set. The top positions of Google SERPs always drive much more traffic to websites than others. So you will get your brand well-spread with 10x more clicks and sales.

To help to manage your work better, Serplify offers some more functions to make it easier to control. You can easily manage your website orders on real time. You can do it all on a single dashboard.

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Pricing & Packages:

The Front-end version of Serplify cost you $47 for a lifetime purchase.  Full features of Serplify are included in this version. But for marketers who are following my Serplify review, I also recommend one-time offers of Serplify packages below. They will strengthen the software and make it works even better.

Upsell 1 ($67) Serplify Academy:  this is a pack of 6 webinars and live sessions to train you to use the software the most effective, also with some tips for local SEO.

Upsell 2 ($67/6 months or $47/month) Serplify Deluxe  this is an expanded pack which allows you to build and set up unlimited sites in Serplify without any restrictions.

Upsell 3 ($197) Serplify Commercial License:  this gives you 20 license keys to allow other clients to access the Serplify system.

Pros & Cons:


– User-friendly interface
– No technical skill required
– Combine website building and SEO
– Easy and profitable monetizing method
– Smoothly running system
– Customer support is sometimes slow

Comparison with Other Website Builders

In comparison with other website builder, Serplify has smaller fame but much higher flexibility. The special thing in Serplify is that it is based on the silo structure – the one that Google loves to see in top websites. Moreover, Serplify can also integrate the SEO functions in its process, making this tool much powerful than other builders since they can only provide website building functions.

For competing with other SEO ranking software, this Serplify shows itself being a better combination of both SEO feature and website building function. Serplify can not only build the site, but it also optimize the site for ranking.

So as you can see, Serplify combines both functions very smoothly and that’s the unique selling feature of this software. You cannot find any product like it on the market with that reasonable price.

My experience with Serplify

I have a friend who faced the exactly same problem with his business. He had not so much money and the website cost him quite a lot. So in the first 3 months, he was struggling to make his website rank so people can see it. That was really hell for him and he got the take the website down, since he ran out of budget.

But recently, it surprised me that he had built another website and even rank it on top 5 of best local clothing shops online. Of course, he is using Serplify. As my friend allowed me, I made a website with Serplify with one of his key.  And the result is amazing! The new website also got #5 on top Google search results on best websites in the town about food (quite a hot niche though). That’s too convincing for me to be a fan of this software. I cannot wait to get a copy of it for my own.


Why Should You Buy Serplify?

The software is very friendly to newbies. Serplify is easy to use and there’s no requirement on technical skills. The only thing your need to provide is the key element to run the site. All other works of structure and optimization is all done by the machine. Serplify provides users with the most effective guide so you can use it without lagging.

Serplify saves you from all hardest works of building and optimizing the site. And it does the job better than you in even a shorter time. The high performance of Serplify will boost efficiency and also reduce your workload.

You can rent your websites and make easy money. This is a perfect idea to all business owners. They love high ranking websites but don’t know how to create it. This software offers you a perfect chance to monetize them with a win-win deal.


In this Serplify review, the product has shown that the power of technology is endless and it can reduce much workload for everyone. With this software, business owners and marketers can successfully build their online business with ease.

After a time using Serplify, I think this is a really useful software. It saves me a lot of time and money and effort. I have never been more relaxed while building and editing my websites. In this launch, I will definitely get myself a version of it.

If you believe in it, Serplify will not let you down. I hope you can have your best choice now. Thank you for reading my Serplify review!

Well, this is all of the Serplify review. If you really get into this amazing tool, you should get it as soon as possible since the cheap price is in only a limited time. If you miss it, there will not be a second chance.

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