Soci Marketer Review

Soci Marketer Review – $12K BONUS [JUST ARRIVED] Soci Marketer Bonus

Soci Marketer – What is it ?

Soci Marketer is The Most Complete SaaS Software For Facebook. This is the worlds 1st WEB BASED, Profit Grabbing, Suite of Tools to Harness the power of Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns Completely, easily, and (Most Importantly), From 1 Console.

Soci Marketer… Auto posts Your “Video Carousels” and “Slide Shows” With Personalization. It Allows You To Reach EVERY Person Who Clicks with a Personalized message Right In Their “Inbox” AUTOMATICALLY, Guaranteeing that the Messages WILL BE SEEN.

This Will Increase Engagement On Your Fan page To Levels Only Possible With Large Ad Spends…Before Now, that is, but FOR FREE!

Whenever someone clicks on your post, they will be taken To wherever YOU decide they should go.

Plus… With Campaign Manager, you can set the CTA’s to:  Auto Reply  Like And Share  Auto Private Reply!

You Can Have Soci Marketer up and running in 2 minutes and start Automating all the processes that used to take HOURS.

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This World’s 1st Facebook software that will allow you to:

  1. World’s First – Video cross posting. Upload your video Once and Post across all your pages
  2. World’s First – Carousel poster for videos with clickable (CTA) buttons.
  3. World’s First – Carousel slider for videos, images and products with clickable (CTA) buttons.
  4. Plus, Auto share, comment, like, and Auto Private Reply In All Posts
  5. Keyword and Page Research for names, phone numbers, address and emails
  6. Complete Facebook Post And Video Analytics, like you’ve never seen before.
  7. Soci In-Boxer for mass mailing thousands of email leads for any business (BONUS)
  8. Soci Chat for connecting your audience on your webpages And Facebook (BONUS)

How Soci Marketer Work?

4 easy and simple steps:

  1. LogIn
  2. Place Your Content
  3. Schedule
  4. Post

Soci Marketer – WORLD’S FIRST TIME Features

  1. Carousel Posts
  2. Video Cross Posting
  3. Video Slide Show Posts
  4. Images as a Video Post
  5. Auto Like & Comment
  6. Auto Private Message reply on comments

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Soci Marketer Software

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