Ultimate Banner Plugin Review – Get WOW $83,000 BONUS PACKAGE

What is Ultimate Banner Plugin ?

This plugin came about out of dire necessity while Matt was trying to effectively advertise on his blog… and finding every solution out there falling SUPER short of satisfactory.

The Ultimate Banner plugin lets you manage all of your banners in one convenient admin area, resulting in as much as a 300% increase in revenue effectiveness – and a huge bump in webinar sign ups, optin form registrations and more… all conveniently inside your WordPress admin area. You can now intelligently control how, when and to whom banners are displayed to your visitors

  • Built-in banner creator
  • Easily use shortcodes
  • Connect using thrive leads code
  • Turn banners on/off-
  • Use any banners you like
  • Intelligent banner display tracking
  • Categorise your banner groups
  • Track views/conversions and more

With The Ultimate Banner Plugin You Can:

  • Customise built-in templates for professional looking banners any time, to any affiliate promotion
  • Control who sees it, who clicks it and where it takes them (to an affiliate promotion or sign up to your list)
  • Show different offers wherever you like and manage them all in one central admin area
  • Switch banners to a new promotion across your entire blog, or just on a single page
  • Capture their email address using the profitable two-step lead capture method or send to an affiliate promotion.
  • And track your results to clearly see what is working and what isn’t so you can profit faster

The Ultimate Banner plugin let’s you have a promotion live for ANY product in moments – so while every other affiliate is left with dealing with expensive design costs, slow turnaround time or… worse still (for them), not even promoting it, leaving more commissions on the table for you!

But the plugin doesn’t stop there…

How It Works?

BUILD: Point & click easy to use banner advertising display Plugin WITH banner builder from inside WP!

DISPLAY: Connect with your audience & display the most targeted ads

PROFIT: Highly customisable, engaging & targeted ads means more clicks & more revenue from your website.