VidSkippy Review

VidSkippy Review – Get Massive $23,500 BONUSES (FREE)! VidSkippy BONUS

Are You Ready to Dominate Any Niche and Crush Your Competition?

Vidskippy is a ground breaking cloud based software that puts the very same technology YouTube use to generate millions at your fingertips.

Vidskippy is the only tool that can do all this. A dynamic, powerful web-based SAAS (software as a service) app that enables you to capitalise on other peoples videos in minutes… it enables you to engage and sell all from within a video just like you can with YouTube Ads.

  • And just like YouTube you can use other people’s videos to captivate any niche, any audience you like in minutes…
  • Plus: you can also embed your own clickable link right inside that video.

Vidskippy’s Key Features:

Simple User Interface

Cutting edge and highly intuitive User Interface… they’ve designed VidSkippy to be so easy to use that most users will never need to watch the tutorials… but of course tutorials are there if you need them.

This is a simple and effective platform mimicking YouTube ad technology, so users could capitalise on this proven method incredibly quickly.

Other People’s Videos

Just like YouTube ads you can use YouTube videos as a vehicle for your message, ad and Call to action… in fact you can use YouTube, Vimeo and uploaded MP4s.

Imagine the potential: you put your clickable ad inside a trending YouTube video or a viral video… you capitalize on that videos popularity and share it… Imagine how many people will see your ad and your link now!

YouTube style In-stream ads

You’ve seen them and you know they work right. Set your ads to show Pre-roll (before the video starts) or In-Stream (at any point during the video).

Delayed YouTube Style ‘Skip Buttons’

With Vidskippy you decide… use a skip button just like YouTube or choose not to include one. Or use one and set the delay to a time that suites you and you’re offer.

You Choose ‘Video Thumbs’

You can choose to use the video thumb which comes with the YouTube or Vimeo video you are using, or make yours shine with something unique.

VidSkippy comes with 100s of Images which you can freely use as your video thumb… search through all images or search via phrase.

Youzign compatible… If you use Youzign, VidSkippy has you covered, simply drop in your API and you’re ready to roll.

Upload your own Video thumb… the choice really is yours.

Live In-Stream CTAs

There is a phrase ‘Strick while the Iron is Hot’ which encapsulates what you can do with Vidskippy. You’ve caught the attention of the viewer… just like a TV commercial, but unlike a TV commercial you now have a unique opportunity to sell to them right there and then from inside that video.

That’s right Vidskippy In-Stream CTAs really are Live… they’re clickable from inside the video itself… which means you can make sales and commissions without your prospect ever leaving the video.

You want to add a raw affiliate link as your In-Stream CTA?… No problem, you can do it with Vidskippy.

CTA buttons

Choose from 20 pre-installed CTA buttons to use inside your In-Stream video or upload your own

In-Stream Ads

Vidskippy enables you to use YouTube, Vimeo or an MP4 as your ad… search for a suitable video via phrase or simply drop the URL snippet into the software

Button Links

Embed any link pointing to anywhere right inside your video…. Remember you can even drop your raw affiliate links into VidSkippy… and they are clickable!

Editable Banner Strips

Edit banner strips to say anything you want… edit banner colours, edit fonts, font colour… you have full control.

Animated ‘Play Icons’

Animation acts as a psychological trigger. Vidskippy animated play icons entice people to click.

Vidskippy comes complete with 48 play icons in different styles and colours to suite your video.

Positioning, Time Delays, Stats & More

Decide when your ad will play, when the CTA button appears and where it’s situated, Top, middle, bottom… left, right or centre, it’s really up to you.

Vidskippy gives you options on nearly every element, so your ads play out just the way you want them to… without issue & without cost

Check-Out His Powerful Video Demo That Show-Cases ALL That It Does.

How Does Vidskippy Work?

  • If you’re an Internet Marketer…

Add Vidskippy In stream ad projects to your blogs, websites, landing pages and social media.

You’ll instantly engage your audience, you’ll boost sales, drive more traffic and gain more lead signups… all from someone else’s videos!

  • If you’re a Social Media Marketer…

Use Vidskippy to promote absolutely anything via social media with our 1 click share option.

Vidskippy instantly deploys a dynamic thumbnail and description to Facebook, G+ and Pinterest

1 click on that thumbnail opens up your Vidskippy video in full screen mode… it contains your video ad, and most importantly it contains your clickable Call to Action (Your Link).

Hint: If you’re either looking to get started from scratch online or simply looking for a simple and fast way to profit online. Promote affiliate offers using V I D S K I P P Y and social media… Its Incredibly fast… You can embed raw affiliate links inside your video ads & it costs nothing!

  • If You Sell High Ticket Products, Coaching or Mentoring

Use Vidskippy to Engage Prospects… Offer them a 1 click link to your application form right there in that video.

Using VidSkippy means you have their attention right there, they won’t have to look for the link or have second thoughts…

This Live In-stream call to action technology puts that all important link right there in the video – Ready to Click!

  • If You Run an e-Commerce Store…

Imagine providing product demos, descriptions, product videos… with In-stream ads… In-stream ads offering coupons, discounts & incentives to your visitors to get them to buy!

Followed by an In-Steam ‘Add to Cart’ button. Your sales will increase, while your cart abandonment rates decrease!

Or why not capitalise on trending eCom products and the huge amount of videos which already exist…Make those eCom sales your eCom Sales

  • If You Run a Small Offline or Brick-and-Mortar Business…

Showcase your Products and Services… Branding. Use Vidskippy In-Stream Ads to showcase your products and services. Add projects to your website… your social media channels…

Use Vidskippy to offer discount coupons, bonus items, “buy 1 get 1 free” offers and whatever else you want to get more leads and more customers. Brand your Business…The possibilities are simply endless!

  • If You’re a Blogger

Use Vidskippy to Monetise your Content. Show your readers special offers, related offers. Use Vidskippy to leverage other people’s videos into instant video content you control.

We all know that video is far more engaging than text, So why not turn each blog post into a passive income sales machine

  • If You’re a Product Creator…

Use Vidskippy to drive visitors to your sales pages.

Use them on your squeeze pages, exit pages.

Use this technology to force micro-commitments… E.G. use our In-Stream call to action feature as part 1 of a 2 step optin process.

There are so many ways in which Vidskippy can increase sales of your product and it all happens incredibly fast. Remember you can use other people’s videos to get your message out there!

  • If You’re an Affiliate Marketer…

I hate to use the phrase ‘It’s Easy’ but in this case it actually is. Use Vidskippy to leverage other people’s videos into affiliate commission for you…

– Let me give you a couple of examples…

  • Example #1: Launch Jacking…

You look for a suitable launch, find a product review video (there are always lots).

Include your In-Stream video Ad… you could detail the bonus package you’re offering to anyone who buys through your affiliate link… followed by your ‘Clickable’ affiliate link (right there in the actual video)…

Does it get much easier than this? Nope!

  • Example #2: Evergreen…

There are literally 1000s of evergreen offers out there and 1000s of high quality video reviews to match. Use them, capitalise on them… Make Money from them.

E.g. offer bonuses, discount codes… use VidSkippy to entice that prospect into an affiliate funnel.

There are so many ways in which VidSkippy will enable you to grow your affiliate income exponentially. And that’s regardless of where you are right now… It’s true, anyone can use VidSkippy – Even Complete ‘Newbies’.

With VidSkippy you can…

Vidskippy Review and Bonus - Vidskippy

Enter and dominate any niche in minutes…

Simply find a video on YouTube or Vimeo relating to the niche you want to focus on

  • Insert your video ad
  • Embed your affiliate link in the video
  • Share it on social media
  • Generate Income (from within the video)…

Vidskippy Review and Bonus - Vidskippy

Captivate and engage new and existing audiences and markets in minutes

  • Drive leads, drive sales
  • Convey any message you want to any visitor in any niche.
  • Leverage video content that you don’t even own to your advantage
  • Use it to get more subscribers and/or traffic to your site!
  • Or simply use it to make more and more passive income.

Sell More. Sell Faster. Sell Easier.

The More Engaged your potential customers are… the more likely they are to click that link… so you’ll generate

  • Step 1: Use any video:

Choose popular, trending, viral, niche videos from Youtube, Video, MP4.

  • Step 2: Insert In-Stream AD:

Insert your own InStream ad into any video with a clickable CTA, just like Youtube does.

  • Step 3: Promote:

Share Your new video on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, CMS, WordPRess, Websites… and Make money.

TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW… You will also get 95 giant bonus  that value over $25,000 from us!


VidSkippy Review
VidSkippy Review
VidSkippy Review
VidSkippy Review
VidSkippy Review
VidSkippy Review
VidSkippy Review
VidSkippy Review
  • Bonus Package N° 1

Bonus Package N° 2

Bonus #1: TweetLead (EXCLUSIVE)

Using this proven software you can create one-click signup buttons inside *any* Tweet!

It’s basically what ConnectLeads does, but for Twitter. We were planning to launch this separately.. but decided to give it away for FREE as a bonus to ConnectLeads.

(Could easily be sold separately for $197)




Along with the ebook, you’ll also get a checklist, resource cheat sheet and mindmap for easy implementation.

Bonus Package N° 3

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Digital Product Launch Kit

This exclusive training shows you exactly everything you need to build a successful digital product business online from scratch to your first $500 per day within your first month.
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To successful run a business online, you need traffic and lots of it. Even better, you want the traffic at dirt cheap price so you hit heavy sky-high ROI, this blueprint will show you our secret source for getting massive traffic fast at a price so cheap you’ll think the traffic brokers are silly.
Coaching Profiteer
Selling eBooks, software and video courses are awesome and will make you money but you want to know the big cash machine? “COACHING”… you can charge from $997 – $10,000 per student and they’ll happily pay you. In this course, we’ll show you a special method we use to build our coaching program, enroll a lot of high ticket paying students and how you can do this without even spending over 1 hour a day coaching.
Millionaire Digital Nomad
Having your own business online is all about freedom and success, without gaining freedom, all your effort would be futile. Discover the simple strategy you can apply to your online business now that will allow you to travel the world, have fun, spend time with your loved ones and still make money effortlessly.

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Bonus Package N° 10

Build Your Instagram Brand
This exclusive training shows you exactly how to build a whole new brand on Instagram and start generating great amount of leads almost instantly.
Instagram Shopify BlueprintOwn A fully functioning online store running in just a few hours with Shopify and discover how you can use Instgram to blast massive buyer traffic to the Shopify store day-in-day-out
Social Automation TrainingIn this special training course, you’re going to see how top 6 and 7 figure income earners are using social media and automating their business in such a way they can pull in 5 figure profits daily while vacating in Ibiza.
ZERO Cost Traffic (IG Edition)There’s no traffic like free traffic… we’ve put together a sweet video training serious on how to generate mad free traffic from the web and send it to anywhere you want including Instagram etc.

Bonus Package N° 11


Bonus Package N° 12

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Bonus Package N° 15


VidSkippy Review
VidSkippy Review
VidSkippy Review
VidSkippy Review

Bonus Package N° 16

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1 : Get VidSkippy here to download it now
2: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at:
3: You will receive all Your bonus within 24 hours

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